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Make Money Online (part 7) – Monetize Blog with AdSense III

In the last post we generated ad code for your blog. Now, it is time to add this code on your pages. From Google AdSense Program Policies you know, that you can add up to 3 ads on each page. … Continue reading

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Make Money Online (part 6) – Monetize Blog with AdSense II

On last post you learned how to register in Google AdSense, I hope that your registration was successful. If yes, you can read this post, and you will learn how to create your first ad for your blog. This it … Continue reading

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Make Money Online (part 5) – Monetize Blog with AdSense I

Before you start monetize your blog with Google AdSense, you must be sure that you have some content on blog. Simply spoken, you must have enough posts on your blog. There doesn’t exist necessary number of posts, but I think … Continue reading

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Make Money Online (part 4) – Check your traffic

At last part you have created your first post in blog. I hope that you write more posts to your blog. It is nothing worse than dead blog or dead forum. Before you gain some traffic to your blog, it … Continue reading

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Could any SEO company guarantee a first page on Google?

When you will google internet you will find a lot of SEO companies, with this promise on their sites. Competition in this field is very big. SEO experts with good references earns thousands of USD for simple projects. You  can … Continue reading

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