Make Money Online (part 4) – Check your traffic

Make Money Online
At last part you have created your first post in blog. I hope that you write more posts to your blog. It is nothing worse than dead blog or dead forum. Before you gain some traffic to your blog, it is good to know how much traffic it is. And how to do it, I will show you in this post.

You must use your Google Account, that you created while creating your blog. This account you will use for more tools available on Google. One form best free tools for checking traffic, is Google Analytics. At first click at link above.

Google Analytics

After signing you will see screen like this. Here you press button Sign up.

Google Analytics

On next page you have to enter info about your blog. You must enter URL of your blog, country and time zone. Then press Continue button.

Google Analytics

On next page you have to fill some your personal information. When you do it, press button Continue. On next page you have read GOOGLE ANALYTICS TERMS OF SERVICE.After reading it (if you agree, of course) check checkbox Yes, I agree to the above terms and conditions. Then press button Create New Account.

Google Analytics

Now you will see code that it is necessary to add to your page. I recommend you to add New Tracking Code (ga.js). Otherwise you will not be to use some new features. I am using on my pages old one. But for my new blog I want to use new one. Copy code into clipboard.
Now open your in new window or tab. From Dashboard click on Template link for your blog.

Google Analytics

In text area with content of your template go to bottom area. There you find line with text </body> in it. Above this line insert your code from clipboard. Then press button Save Template Changes. After changing your template you must republish your blog. Now you will find on every source page of your blog your tracking code.

Google Analytics

Return back to Google Analytics page. There press button Check Status. Google Analytics check presence of tracking code, and if it is everything OK, Google Analytics will track your visitors. Next available data you will see tomorrow, because it take some time to collect enough data. You can now check data on daily basis. To have good data it is good to filter your own visits. You can do it in Filter Manager where you can exclude from result your IP address, city, or country.

Google Analytics is complex traffic tools with many options. To Describe all features in this blog is impossible. How to use all its features, is best to study from context links on right side of screen. I am sure that you will find a lot of useful info there.

Used terms and abbreviations
Web traffic
is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a web site.
Google Analytics
(abbreviated GA) is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website.

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