Make Money Online (part 1) – Create your own blog

Make Money Online
In this part I want to describe you exactly, what you will learn in next parts of this serial. In introduction I described some methods for earning some money on internet. I next part I will better describe some of them. And I will also write you here something about blogs.

At first I will learn you how to:

  • How to create your own blog
  • How to write posts
  • How to add AdSense ads on blogs
  • How to promote this blog
  • How to check stats for this blog

And all that without spending a penny. I will show you of course also alternatives, or methods where you will need to pay some money, but these methods are not necessary and they will be good marked.

What is blog, you can find in Used Terms section of this post. I am sure that most of you know meaning of this word. Why I prefer this method of earning money? Because it is the easiest method for amateurs. You don’t need a lot of knowledge about internet and HTML or other “programming languages” to write some internet content. Before you start your own blog, think about topic, style and language of your blog.

    Topic for blog
    It can be personal diary blog, but I recommend you find topic, that is near for you. Good topic is your hobby, the best is your hobby, that is also hobby for many other people on internet. When you will find topic, that is interesting for others it is good start to attract possible visitors.
    When you want to write blog be as much personal as it is possible. Blog is personal thing and people like to know your point of view on topic. Sometimes is not bad to write in extravagant style, it can also attract visitors
    I recommend you English language. As you can see from my posts, my English is not good. Surprisingly, grammar is not much important. When other people understand what you are writing about it is OK. And blog is a good method for improving your skills

If you are afraid that you are not good writer, it is also OK. Me too, only some happy individuals know how to write in such style, that they write books. We others, can only try it. On internet you have big audience, and when you will find right topic, you will gain some visitors, get the full details here with info and tips.

Before we will continue with next part of our serial, think about possible topic for your blog. In next part I will show you how to create your own blog and I will show you also some interesting places on internet. I want to learn you new things, and for better understanding I will also start my new blog, and I will show you all on real example.

Used terms and abbreviations
Webmasters are practitioners of web communication.
A blog (a portmanteau of web log) is a website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. Usually is written as some kind of internet diary.
Hypertext Markup Language, is the predominant markup language for web pages.
Required money icon
Required MoneyI will use this icon to show you, that this method need to invest some money with approximate amount.

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