How to increase traffic for blogs? Use blog widgets.

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Blogs are nowadays a big fashion. Blogs are also easiest way how to start with own internet business for everybody who is connected to internet. With help of pages as, is blogging availaible for everybody without knowing something about web development. To be successful, means a lot of visitors on blog. I want write here some tips how to increase traffic on blog pages for free. Some tips how to increase traffic I wrote in previous post My traffic is terrible. What to do? First of all I want to choose some important steps from previous post good for blog traffic:

  • Good content
  • SEO
  • Social network sites
  • Social bookmarking sites

In this post I want show you how to increase your traffic with help of some useful widgets from social networking sites. Using widgets is relatively new way hot to increase traffic for blogs. Widget is Web 2.0 component generated on external page, and it is presented on as image or as iframe.


After installing widget on your page, widget shows headlines from blogs registered on BlogRush. Headlines from your blog will be shown as many times as your widget is shown. It is a good source of quality traffic from blogs with the same niche. BlogRush accepts only quality blogs. After declining you have possibility to resubmit blog after month. I read from other sources, that it increase traffic for blogs, especially for blogs with more traffic.


BlogCatalog is for me very good source of traffic. It is social networking site. You register blog here and you can discuss with others. By making new friends, joining to groups and sending posts to discussion your blog is more visible on BlogCatalog pages, and you have higher possibility that somebody it visits. I like their Recent Visitors widget. After installing it shows avatars of last visitors on your blog that are registered on BlogCatalog. And after clicking on avatars you visit their profiles on BlogCatalog page. Developers usually want to know who visited their blogs. And the probably visit your blog in return. That means visits on your blog is comparable to your visits on other blogs.


MyBlogLog is similar site like BlogCatalog. Company is owned by Yahoo and it is possible to register there only with Yahoo ID. You can also add your blog and for registered blog create widgets. I also prefer Recent Visitors widget. Each blog represents community, where it is possible to join. You can also add friends there. For blogs with installed widgets you can view also good stats. Unfortunately after short time stats is switched to limited version, and full version is available only as paid feature. I prefer BlogCatalog system, but this page can also bring a good traffic to blog.


On this page I register only a day ago. It looks like they have less members like first 3 pages. After registration there is possibility to add blogs, join in groups, and find friends. They also provide Recent Visitors widget. I read from other sources, they sometimes it can be problem with speed of blog site where is widget installed. I don’t have this problem on my computer, but I am not sure with other computers. I don’t know how much can BUMPzee increase traffic, because I am new there.

All 4 widgets can help to increase traffic for your blog. How much it depends on you. How many friends do you find there and how many other blogs do you visit is source for gross calculation of your possible number of visitors. My opinion is to choose one or two from them, and there to be as active as it is possible. And of course to combine it with other sources of traffic, from my post above.

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11 Responses to How to increase traffic for blogs? Use blog widgets.

  1. Mar Matthias Darin says:

    MyBlogLog violates AdSens TOS. MBL publicly releases your AdSense Click through Rate (violation og section 7, TOS). See this article for proof.

  2. seo consultant says:

    Great post. Blogs are a very natural way to attract links. I’d love to see a post on how to get your company to blog. Particularly if you are dealing with a large, conservative company.

  3. Search engine optimisation expert says:

    very useful articles…..I think seo off site more important and power full for geeting free traffic than seo on site, I already implemented for my web……so I am focus on off site optimisation…thanks

  4. seo service says:

    Your article is much more informatics for all of the visitor. I am very happy to read it. This is really very nice. Thank you for it.

  5. Maggie's Rose says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this incredibly resourceful info! I plan on putting it to great use!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great Blog!

  7. Kamal says:

    Nice suggestions and I like it!.. Thanks for sharing.

  8. dog says:

    thank for your help, I’ll try it on mi blog

  9. NETBLOGGY says:

    hello sir…me too a blog user…
    very very useful post.thanks a lot

  10. Rafael says:

    Webeserve is seo service and traffic generation
    crowdsourcing at its finest.

  11. says:

    Joining blog network groups can really generate a lot of clicks. But considering what Mar Matthias Darin said, it is quite questionable whether this traffic is legit for adsense users. Does adding these widgets really cause a violation in Google's TOS? Thanks for sharing this info poster and thanks for the heads up Mar!

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