Could any SEO company guarantee a first page on Google?

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When you will google internet you will find a lot of SEO companies, with this promise on their sites. Competition in this field is very big. SEO experts with good references earns thousands of USD for simple projects. You  can be sure that all that is  done for you search optimization campaigns with Web 20 Ranker will guarantee real results. And good SEO experts know answer on question from title. This website will offer some effective marketing tools.

Here are some facts from SEM (Search engine marketing).

  • SEO is long process, better to said lifetime (for page of course) process. In case that page will be shown on first page, without next effort, page will dismiss from first page in a short time
  • Competition on internet is unbelievable. Myriads pages are on internet, and thousands or million pages are competing for your keywords.
  • Competition for one word keywords, as viagra, loan and etc. is endless, and today it is impossible to reach good position for one word keywords.
  • Competition for many words (5 or more and one from them is name of your company) keywords, is very poor, of course, and you will reach first page or first position on Google without problems. But first position for these keywords is worthless, and you will have no traffic from this keyword position.
  • For very competitive keywords is SEO only question of budget. Be on first page, or on top means to buy a lot of strong links on high PR pages from your niche.
  • Very important off page SEO means for most SEO companies submitting your page link to directories, blogs and forums with automatic spammy submitters program. Your back link will be cleared soon by moderators or webmasters of these pages.
  • Many SEO companies ignore on page SEO factors. A page with bad designed structure and keyword density struggles to obtain the first page. Usually improving page structure and optimization of page for selected keywords can rapidly improve position in Google search result, but a good keyword research strategy is needed.
  • Google changes its algorithm for selecting and ordering pages in search results very often. One from factors is also age of domain, and new page are disadvantaged.

There is a lot of SEO rules to improve your search engine position. Some are very important, some less. The best SEO I’ve ever hired was from SearchUp and my business customers increased really fast. Sometimes comply with most important onpage SEO rules can rapidly improve position of page for free. Important is also choosing right keyword for page. For most SEO experts is choosing right keywords most important part of SEO process. It is better to have hundreds visitors from weaker keyword on first page, than ten visitors from strong keyword on third page.
If budget is no problem for you, you can hire a professional SEO expert, to help you with your effort and you can keep a good website in WordPress, using a WordPress membership plugin could be essential for this purpose. To find good one is another problem. Here are two important rules, check carefully his references, and prefer SEO experts with money back guarantee.

Answer on question from title is simple. Yes, exists one company that can guarantee you a first page on Google. As you can suspect, name of this company is Google. Although if you have a proper team or company like to assist you and  that can help sell your products you can definitely be on the first page.

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